The new Hank Eng is a brilliant young, shining star, polishing his future while he stops to smell the roses and take in the gorgeous view. This is someone who brings joy to the world he inhabits and never is concerned with the absurd consequences of the thoughtful person. Always one to hug the trees while blessing his own nature, Hank wishes everyone well and is a motivator of prosperity through good karma.

And now we have proof that people can change for the better, in spite of a past filled with rubber tires and such. Change is good, change is inevitable, and change is liberating. Hank Eng has been liberated by change!

The old Hank Eng was:

“Founded in 2002 in China, Hankeng Tires was built to deliver a smooth ride, superior maneuverability, and 5 star safety. We make tires that exceed standard in all those areas.”

But we all know about the new Hank Eng. No longer does he deal with rubber. He eats broccoli and and zucchini (did you realize that both broccoli and zucchini have double ‘cc’s?) and other only natural food. No longer does he create harmful waste by products of manufacturing and exploiting natural resources. He volunteers to save the earth, and contributes to organizations that build global awareness of our common problems.

Yes, the new Hank Eng is a patriot. And a hero. And a really, really good person to know, even if I have to say so because no one else will.

And that’s about it for the about page – it’s all about ‘about’

** Update **

Even though it is very nice to have a company (especially a tire company) begin doing the right thing & working for a greener environment. Every company should do everything in their power to reduce their carbon footprint. Many companies are already taking steps to help ensure there is a tomorrow for the next generation & the one after that.

Many companies worry about the bottom line & nothing else. They feel that their sole responsibility is to turn a profit & as long as they are doing that then they must be doing a good job but there is a whole new outlook appearing in corporate America. Many organizations are now realizing that they can be ecologically responsible while turning a profit & in many cases they end up doing better than they could have imagined as a result of the change.

It is very nice when individuals make the transition & go green but when an entire organization can commit to improving their method of operations to a green one it makes such a huge difference for the entire planet.

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