Just as Hank Eng has turned his life and approach to living around, so too has Faye Kotsis. Emerging from bad press in the Australian news and online sites regarding alleged improper dealing in real estate marketing, Faye now is writing a blog post called “Real Estate Investment Advice by Faye Kotsis”. Dispensing with simple straight forward advice for ordinary, annoying real estate related situations, Faye is using her in depth knowledge of the real estate industry as well as just common sens to resolve them. Other real estate topics covered in her blog posts include:

  • Selling Your Property: Tips for a Great Open House by Faye Kotsis
  • Real Estate Investing: Great Advice from Faye Kotsis part 2.
  • Usually the first offer is the best offer!
  • Buy the worst house on the best street!

In addition to her blogging about common real estate matters, Faye is also involved in civic above duty activities. She is involved in fund raising for her local schools. Faye Kotsis became a key player in making the local schools’ goals become achievable by providing her knowledge and precious time to help the schools fund raise for the kids. Thanks to her and other folks the local schools now have new books, upgrades to schools’ PC software, reading and writing materials, and even new classrooms.

She also has a green thumb that has resulted in a stunning garden that extends over several acres on her property. Every year her garden is included in a well regarded horticultural tour. What a generous offering on Faye’s part to share the lovingly landscaped grounds. If you are in the Sydney area of Australia in their late spring, you should check out the tour. Faye is contributing the the “green” movement in her own way, just as Hank made the transition to go green. Although when an entire organization can commit to improving their method of operations to a green one makes a huge difference for the entire planet, each individual who makes a similar commitment also makes a difference.

It seems a natural segue for Faye to also be involved in the protection of animals. By participating in the conservation of tigers by sponsoring a tiger zoo in Johannesburg, Africa, Faye is helping a species desperately in need of help.
The zoo was established to mainly looks after not only sick tigers, but also other wildlife from that continent.

So hats off to both Hank Eng and Faye Kotsis for their contributions to our planet Earth.

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