Now that the new Hank Eng has taken over this site, the issues on this page will be real issues that matter, not made up issues that don’t matter like:

“If you have questions or concerns about your tires or have questions about a recall, please use our contact us page to email us.”

A good example of the new issues are important items like how did that white spot get on the seat of my black pants?

Or why is my cat sniffing that plastic bag even when I tell her not to, and have told her that every day for the past week?

And is there any good reason why I have to wait in line to buy coffee?

The answers to these issues are hidden in life’s mystery until they are revealed by life’s peculiarity. Ain’t it the truth? No? You say it’s not the truth. Well then, that’s another issue for this issues page. Every time you disagree with me, that’s another issue. Got it? No? You don’t. Well see what I mean? That’s another issue.

Issues are very important in the new world of and the Hank Eng that inhabits the earth in my space.

Where do I even begin? Let me explain one of the largest issues I have run up against lately. The traffic in my town it garbage! It seems like everyone is goin at least 10 miles an hour under the speed limit. They even do it if the speed limit is 25 miles an hour! What is that about? I sit through traffic for an hour every night trying to get home on the freeway. (freeway? Should be called anything but that!) When the traffic is not moving at all on the freeway it should be because something has happened. Yesterday it took 15 minutes to get through less than a 1/4 mile stretch of the freeway & was there an accident at the front of the problem? NO! Just a bunch of people hitting their breaks because the freeway takes a bend. Move people!

I watch the news every morning before I head out to work. It’s ridiculous that I see so many people getting hit in crosswalks too! Why do people hit them? They are in a crosswalk! Is the only time you are in a hurry when someone is in front of you? Pay attention! Other people have the right to exist as well. Get over your self. Pull you head out & be considerate of other peoples needs as well as your own. I have to think that people drive so slow & hit things anyway because they are on their cell phones. I see it all of the time.

Those are issues, dude!

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