This used to be the news for this site, but once the new Hank Eng took over, things changed, and rather drastically. The new news is that the tires are gone and the tire salesman now sells toilet tissue to both stores and institutions such as the federal and state highway authorities in just about all the northeast of the US.Yup, that’s toilet paper I am talking about. He sells not only some of the softest toilet paper you have ever felt, but the type of toilet paper that is created for environmentally conscious consumers. He also is selling that one ply, rough toilet paper you often encounter in state highway bathrooms. Ugh! He says a half cent can make all the difference in the type of toilet paper that is bought. Me? I prefer the softest sheets possible, but if it has to be 1 ply rough or none at all I’ll go with the one ply toilet paper. So why toilet paper I asked. His reply, a good salesman can sell anything. This was the sales job I could find and the pay is decent.

One other thing that is NEW news: The new owner eats broccoli and zucchini, and the change is working out pretty darn well. Witness the change. Now here’s the old news –

“We are constantly developing new models and redesigning our current models to make sure they stay at the forefront of technology.

When redesigning our models, we look for the best possible outcome and reviews as they hope to achieve the best possible success. ”

Here’s the newest news –

No longer is this site restrained by the corporate oligarchy of the manufacturing complex. has been liberated and with good luck, karma, and a southern accent learned from George Bush, the new Hank is making his own news just by being himself.

Formulated not from rubber plants, and dedicated not to rolling on highways under the weight of cars, the new Hank Eng is ready to meet whatever challenge may come his way, today, tomorrow, or even yesterday.

The news that’s really new news, is the news that the new news is not really as new as the news of the newness of the news. Anyone have any newer news than that?

** Update **

There is a bit of news that I got which I would like to discuss with you. It was quite a shock when I got it but I was so happy that I almost blew a gasket. So let me start in the beginning. I got married about 3 months ago. I know, what a shock after reading some of my rants. I found a woman who loved me for who I was & decided that she would spend the rest of her life with me. (Stop it, that’s not what shocked me!) The honeymoon was awesome &we have been going at it non stop every since we got married. We have a birth control method in place but it seems that is not enough to stop my little guys.

That’s right, she is pregnant! Can you imagine, another little me running around? I am so happy but I must explain that was not the entire shock. After our home pregnancy test confirmed she was pregnant, which we believed to be the case through an educated guess anyway, we went to the doctor. While we were there they did many test & eventually came in to discuss our situation. The doctor began by confirming the pregnancy was a healthy one but then things got surreal. He began to tell us that we were not expecting just one child but 2. What a rush! TWINS.

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