My wife & I are enjoying married life. It is a new experience for the both of us. We have both had to make some pretty serious adjustments in the last several months. I used to live with my folks until college then I moved to the dorm. I stayed there for a year but I got sick of it pretty quick & found a better way to go about things. I got a couple of close friends & we rented a house. That was a much better situation because even though it was still close quarters everyone was close & we didn’t have to put up with any people we that we found to be, let’s say, lacking in character so to speak.

We all got along & even though roommates changed, I spent the rest of my time at college in that house with some combination of friends. Time flew by & once I got my degree, I was out of there. I found a job & moved out of the house. I was the last original signing party on the lease & after I left, I don’t know what happened to the old pad. I would have kept it but my new job was way across town. I don’t like to commute not & it is just 20 -25 minutes of traffic, not an hour or more.

After college, I wanted to live alone. Really, maybe I needed to live alone. Even if I got along with all of my roommates fine. It does not mean that I enjoyed all of their habits. Some of those guys were dirty. They did not regularly wash their cloths, let alone clean their bedrooms. I was always having to deal with strange smells wafting out of one of their rooms. I always tried my best to enforce the “Clean House Policy” which was enacted every since the very first year when the first few of us moved in together. Unfortunately, I had to make more than one of them clean their room on regular occasion. To make the understatement of the year, I was sick of living with people because they were not as clean as I was.

I lived alone for some time after that & it was awesome. I had a few girlfriends who would spend the night occasionally but never any more roommates. Once or twice a girlfriend discussed moving in with me & I would always change the topic. I loved to live alone & have every thing just the way I liked. My current wife tried a couple of times to bring up living together before we were engaged. I just was not ready for that yet.

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