Update! II

I politely explained my hesitation & sidestepped the conversation when my wife asked about moving in with me the first few times.. I did it in a way that was not offensive, obviously, she did eventually become my wife & we do live together. She understood completely, the way I felt. She had her own negative experience with roommates. One roommate in particular. She was her best friend since high school & they used to be thick as thieves. They applied to the same schools & decided to go to one that they both got into. They had the same friends & seemed to get along great until after they graduated college.

Eventually, she lost her motivation & my wife did not understand why. She would call in sick to work so that she could go to the beach or because she had been out too late partying. She would lie about where she was going or who she was going to be with. It all kept adding up until she eventually got them locked out of their house. You see, the roommate had been collecting the rent but not giving to the landlord for 3 months. She had been hiding all of the notices that warned about the eviction. Of course, in order to save her belongings, my wife paid the entire fee allowing them to continue living there.

You might think that was the reason my wife understands about bad roommates but it is not. The same friend some time later had promised her that she could do better & she was allowed to continue living there. My wife, being an intelligent woman, began making sure to collect all of the rent & bill money so she could take care of the bills. Everything appeared to be fine for a year or so until one night that my wife had to come home early from work because she was sick. When she arrived at her house she noticed that her boyfriends car was in the driveway. She figured he had come over not realizing that she was at work, so she went right to see him.

What she found was her best friend having an affair with him right in the living room. It was the first thing she saw when the door was opened. There was no mistaking what they were doing. After that she moved out & got a smaller place all by herself. She decided then that no roommate was way better than a bad roommate. It is just a matter of timing, I guess. Maybe I just was not ready because I get along with my wife way better than any of those roommates. She is way cleaner too!

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